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White Shrimp
(Penaeus Setiferus)
Brown Shrimp
(Penaeus Aztecus)
White Shrimp
White shrimp are harvested inshore waters of the Gulf from North Florida to Texas, from October through June.
Brown Shrimp
Brown Shrimp are harvested inshore early summer and migrate offshore to depths 350ft in winter. June through January.
Pink Shrimp or Hopper
(Penaeus Duorarum)
Royal Reds
(Hymenopenaeus Robustus)
Pink Shrimp or Hopper
Pink Shrimp are caught mostly in Florida from Panama City to Key West. Key West pinks are much lighter in color than pinks from North Florida. North Florida pinks are generally called hoppers but are the same species.
Royal Reds
Royal Reds are very deep water shrimp caught mostly in winter and early spring. Only a few boats are equipped to target these because of the depth the shrimp are found. (1200 ft to 1800 ft of water requiring almost a mile of cable to trawl the bottom).

Freezing and packing

Our Trawlers are equipped with two freezing methods. Contact Freezers and IQF brine freezers. IQF are weigh and frozen instantly in brine water and loosely packed in a 50 lb plastic lined box. They then go in the freezer hold for storing. Freezing time is a little longer than the IQF but the shelf life of slabs is much longer. After Freezing the 25 lb slabs are packed in a cardboard box for storing.

Our products are hand sorted and graded by our experienced crews. THe crews aboard our boats understand the reason for quality because they are paid on percentage. If the quality is not the best, the boats are not paid as much, therefore the crew makes less.

Our shrimp are stored aboard as long as the boats are at sea (2-4 weeks). Upon returning to port they are quickly unloaded and sent to cold storage via refrigerated trucks.

Quality starts with the harvest, but no matter how good the product, it has to be taken care of from start to finish. We feel we have the process down pat.

Let us know if you have specific packing needs.

50 lb IQF Box
P&D IQF 5 lb
25 lb Slab Box
P & D Block 5 lb

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