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Zirlott Trawlers: Our Story

Six generations of Zirlotts have been harvesting seafood from the Gulf of Mexico. Shrimping and the sea is in Jeremy's blood. He started shrimping with his father at seven years old aboard the 'Amanda Di-Ann.

Zirlott Trawlers, Inc. was formed in 1997. After owning Small Bay Trawlers, Jeremy bought his first steel hull freezer boat, the Four Sisters, named after his four sisters. Later that year he married Kim. After several years of hard fishing, he bought his second boat the Emily Ariel named after his first two daughters, Scarlett Ariel and Emily Clair. They now have a third daughter Miriam Celeste (~I guess we have to buy another boat now!)

Realizing we had to change with the times to stay in business, Jeremy focused on quality, and with Kim's help started brokering their catch.

Today we have built a reputation for Top Retail Quality Shrimp all along the Gulf Coast.

Our Daughters

Family Boats

The Wanda Rehamer was built in the 1950's by Jeremy's Great-Grandfather (Ellis Zirlott) for his son Rob. (Jeremy's Grandfather)

The Amanda Di-Ann was built in 1976 by Jeremy's Daddy(Victor Zirlott) and Uncle (Chris Zirlott). Jeremy started shrimping on the Amanda Di-Ann when he was just seven years old.

Jeremy bought the Four Sisters (named after his four sisters) and formed ZIRLOTT TRAWLERS, INC in 1997.

In 2005 Jeremy bought the Emily Ariel.

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